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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

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This device operates at 220 or 380 volts and is provided with acoustic signal.
This device is used in situations where it is necessary to regularly change suction pad. Eg with varying sizes, materials or weights.

On the picture you will see a model made for a customer with concrete panels, with 1x quick-changeable suction pad tiltable and rotatable for 750 kg and a fast-changing suction pad with 2 small round pads for narrow panels. In principle, therefore, you can attach any type of suction pad on the base unit, think for example about a suction pad for bended glass, a 6 or 8 nap pad for larger glass plates or a suction pad for stone or steel. Brand: Muyen

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Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll


Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll

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Lifter for train doors

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