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GlassHandling Holland is worldwide adviser, for the transport, installation and storage of glass materials. We give you advice and you buy directly from the manufacturer. Glass is a delicate product and often difficult to handle by the regular resources available within the construction market.

Also, the appliance of glass and the possibilities applianc have grown and changed. Architects think of new innovative ways to integrate glass in their designs. This leads to new challenges in the building proccess. Sometimes almost impossible situations pop-up with a high risk in lifting too heavy which can result in breaking the glass. A waste of the work and the material but above a risk in causing personal injury.

Fortunately, we know how to help companies worldwide to facilitate the transport and installation of glass. One of our largest brands, Muyen, has been working on solutions that meet the demands of the market for over 60 years. Customized solutions are also possible and ensure that your glass is in safe hands. https://muyen.com/


Glass Handling Holland is known as a worldwide supplier for a safe working environment. In the Netherlands, but certainly beyond. Our products find their way throughout Europe and are used all over the world. Our experience and expertise are a key element in the choice. Glass Handling Holland has representatives all over the world. People who know the practice and who know better than anyone what problems you encounter. Thorough advice in product selection or tailor-made solution is therefore quickly made.

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