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The machine has 2 pads who can turn 360 degrees, The machine is a single system. Very light weight about 20 kg. come withe a suitcase with spareparts and covers for the pads.

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VA600, Vacuum machine on battery, 250 kg

Vacuum machine with 2 pads, โ€œliteโ€ 250 kg max, complete battery, own weight 15 kg.


VA600, Vacuum machine on battery, 250 kg

150-250 | Up to 3×3 square | Safety S1, Safety, S2, Vacuumlifters, Verhuur


This machine has 4 pads, and can be lifted vertical in 2 positions



1-150 | 150-250 | 250-500 | Up to 3×3 square | Safety, S2, Vacuumlifters, Verhuur

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