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This vacuum machine on battery is very light and can still lift 350 kg. It can turn 360 degrees and til from horiontal to vertical position. It’s build very compact and lite with a own weight off about 25 kg.

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VA600, Vacuum machine on battery, 250 kg

Vacuum machine with 2 pads, “lite” 250 kg max, complete battery, own weight 15 kg.


VA600, Vacuum machine on battery, 250 kg

150-250 | Up to 3×3 square | Safety S1, Safety, S2, Vacuumlifters, Verhuur


This machine has 4 pads, and can be lifted vertical in 2 positions



1-150 | 150-250 | 250-500 | Up to 3×3 square | Safety, S2, Vacuumlifters, Verhuur

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