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The Powerlifter can lift up to 240 kg, the Powerlifter can turn the glassplate 360 degrees. The vacuumlifter is adjustable so you can also use it on the Elephant, Giraffe and Sir Liftalot series, The Powerlifter mast can rotate 180 degrees with foot pedal – The glass plate can be longitudinally so that it is very narrow, eg doors – The powerlifter mast can be forward so that you can easily also place on a wider window sill – The powerlifter drives very easily through the larger tires and the rear-brake pulley wheel – The Powerlifter is demountable and so easy to transport.

He can lift from about 500 mm up to 2.2 meter high, the powerlifter is 1700 mm long

He can be used with 2 or 4 contra weights, 50 or 100 kg.

Front          2 contra weights       4 contra weights

300 mm     140 kg                          240 kg

430 mm      100 kg                          180 kg

590 mm       80 kg                            153 kg

750 mm        50 kg                            110 kg

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