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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

“An ideal product!”


The aluminium lifter, extendable from 5 m to 9.5 m, 250 kg max., with pull up installation, with its light weight an ideal tool for placing external glazing in a house or appartment ground, 1st and 2nd floor. You can order distance holders to place the lifter over the scaffolding or on a roof,  Note: abover ground leval always use a vacuumlifter with safety like the VA600 battery operated machine.

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combine products


Window Mate Serie, 150 kg

Window mate Serie is a range off products who can transport and install the Glass on ground level.


Window Mate Serie, 150 kg

1-150 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting, Transport

Lifter for train doors

A very good example off custom made lifter for train doors.


Lifter for train doors

1-150 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting, Vacuumlifters