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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

“An ideal product!”


Glass handling Equipment, This is a extendable aluminum lifter from 2 to 3.5 m, 250 kg maximum. He has a special top so you can easy lift the glassplat from the truck, or place glass from the inside over heaters or window sills. This lift has a very low weight and is complete with with a vacuum lifter with 4 hand cups, turn 360 degrees, VA451.

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combine products


VA700Z, Vacuum lifter Solar panels


VA700Z, Vacuum lifter Solar panels

1-150 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting, Vacuumlifters

Sir Liftalot, Model M

this is a extenable alu. lift in 3 parts, 2.2 to 3.5 mtr and with a separet part to 5.5 mtr high.


Sir Liftalot, Model M

150-250 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting

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