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The Bobby, or lifter with vacuum pads. One person can lift glass sheets up to 255×321 cm of the A frame and bring him to the glass cutting table. After cutting you can load  the glass plate on the truck and bring it to the customer.  

A good tool in glass warehouses where the placing of a crane track is not possible. The space between the feet of the A frames or racks should be at least 75 cm wide and a flat floor is required. You cannot use this lifter on site, only on a flat floor in your warehouse.

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Accuzuiger voor dakglas, verstelbaar.


Accuzuiger voor dakglas, verstelbaar.

250-500 | Above 3×3 square | Lifting, Safety, S2, Vacuumlifters

Special lifter up to 500 kg.


Special lifter up to 500 kg.

250-500 | Lifting, Safety S1

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