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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

“An ideal product!”


This device is suitable for lifting glass plates up to 6000×3210 mm from the a frame on to the cutting table.

The outer pads can be shut off so that you can also lift smaller plates.

It comes with a standard on wheels where it can be parked if you do not use it.

The device is tiltable from horizontal to vertical position and has an acoustic signal rechargable on batteries to also function in case of power failure.

The device is +/- 2.5 meters wide and has a bracket with the on/off handle and with this bracket you can support the tilting from vertical to horizontal position.

See the product in action!  

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Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll


Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll

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Lifter for train doors

A very good example off custom made lifter for train doors.


Lifter for train doors

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