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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

“An ideal product!”


This machine has 2 pads, and can be lifted vertical in 2 positions. The dual system is only really usefull when you us the machine with 2 pads above each athor.

The weight off the machine is 18 kg so very light. The pads have some space between the pads and the frame so you can use it also with frame style up to 80 mm. You can also lift sliding window who are a little behind each athor. The machine is complete with CE mark and suitcase with spare parts.

See the product in action!  

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Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll


Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll

500+ | Up to 3×3 square | Vacuumlifters

Lifter for train doors

A very good example off custom made lifter for train doors.


Lifter for train doors

1-150 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting, Vacuumlifters