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Bas Jansen

Glasstransport specialist

“An ideal product!”


In 2016 we introduced our new machine 500 kg double system machine turn and tilt. The machine is special because it has a “real” dual system. It has 2 pumps, 2 big tanks, 2 battery’s.

European EN advice norms (no obligation) talk about a dual system but only with 2 tanks of 5 minutes and separate pads, but still one pump andone battery.

See the product in action!  

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Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll


Vacuum lifter on battery with remote controll

500+ | Up to 3×3 square | Vacuumlifters

Lifter for train doors

A very good example off custom made lifter for train doors.


Lifter for train doors

1-150 | Up to 3×3 square | Lifting/Hoisting, Vacuumlifters