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Glass lifting tools are delivered in several models and from several producers, The glass lift 250 is a luxurious form of the triangle car and a good sample off these Glass lifting tools.  There products we do not producer our selves, there are several deliverers like Robby, KS schulten, Monta rent, Glasslift, Quattrolift, Winlett, Wienold, Unique cranes etc. Please sent us a mail so we can give you de correct informatie, a lot off times there are much more possibility’s to solve you problems with smaller and lighter lifters.

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Twin500 glaszuiger op accu


This machine is special because it has a “real” dual system.



250-500 | 500+ | products on stock, Rental, vacuumlifter on site
H905P glasslifter and installer 150 kg

H905P, Glasslifter and installer, 150 kg

Winow mate XL, Compact transport, up to 150 kg, adjustable in height (ground floor) 2 mtr.


H905P, Glasslifter and installer, 150 kg

1-150 | Lifting en Hoisting on site, products on stock, Rental, Transport on site

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