New: Triple safety, safety to the next level.

New: Triple safety, safety to the next level.


Muyen bv introduces “Triple safety”

Safety is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but when it comes to the actual application of lifting, hoisting equipment and especially vacuum lifters, there is a lot of confusion.

Therefore we introduce the Vacuum Safety Ladder.

Single, Double and Triple safety.

1. You read the description

2. You decide which security level to apply.

3. You make the choice for the right machine from our extensive range, including rental.

The highest category of safety is new: “Triple safety”

With “triple safety” you take the step to safety at the highest level.

– A “real” double vacuum system with 2 pumps, 2 batteries and 2 tanks.

– The tanks are large, extra vacuum volume, more capacity. A small leak gives you more time and the alarm goes off longer before the load can fall.

– The suction cups are well distributed over the glass plate, so better support for the glass plate. With cups distributed over a larger surface, the double vacuum system can really do its job if a break occurs in the glass plate.

– You have no electronically controlled circuits in the system, which means there is less chance of malfunctions and more safety. 

– The hoses are fully or partially incorporated in the frame as far as possible so that there is less chance of hoses that kink or break.

– If you do not have the possibility to operate the device for loose/fasten, use a radio remote control, but this also functions with solid and safe pneumatic components.

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